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Do you have a stressful job?

Is life making you feel anxious, fearful, or depressed? Need a quick pep-talk? Someone to talk to? Bounce ideas off of? Vent to? 

We're here for you.

We can help You Find Peace of Mind

One-on-One Services: $1/min

In Office or By Phone 

(20 minute minimum please)

Talk Therapy

Have a two-way conversation about the stress, anxiety, depression, or fear that you wrestle with or which holds you back. Receive feedback and insight from Coach Pamela about freedom from mental torment and depressing thoughts.

Strategy Session

Stress & Anxiety relief. Be Free from stress & anxiety. Specific strategies, techniques, and tips for relief and peace of mind. Re-train and rewire yourself for ultimate confidence, courage, and a positive mindset.


YOU CAN conquer stress, anxiety, fear, or depression. We're on your side. Encouragement available!

Listening Only

Ever wish you could just respectfully vent (complain) without anyone giving you advice, calling you negative/toxic, or trying to shut you up? We have a listen only option--no feedback; no advice--just a few mmhms, uh-huhs, and okays as needed. 

All services listed $1/minute. Payment due at time of service. No refunds. Pay by Cash, Zelle, or Credit Card. Service Charge applies to Credit Cards. Call, text, or email to set up an office or phone session. Office visits conducted in Phoenix, Arizona 85016.

480-535-4476 text/call


Couples & Family Coaching Available. For more information: